Beta-Alanine, Training Frequency, and Strength for Hypertrophy

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric announce the hiring of two new SBS coaches and provide some exciting updates about the diet app that is currently in development. After that, Eric shares a Research Roundup segment with fascinating new findings related to beta-alanine supplementation, and Greg presents a Research Roundup covering topics including training frequency, sticking points, non-nutritive sweeteners, the effects of strength on hypertrophy potential, and more. Eric also shares some practical tips for modifying your pressing exercises in the presence of elbow and shoulder discomfort in a Coach’s Corner segment. Finally, Greg and Eric wrap up the show by answering a few questions from listeners.


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Time Stamps

Good news: New SBS coaches, updates on the diet app! (1:26)

Feats of Strength (20:25)

Research Roundup: Beta-Alanine (25:08)

Research Roundup (several topics) (1:00:57):

Effects of strength on hypertrophy potential (1:01:14)

Squat sticking point (1:10:35)

Training frequency (1:20:23)

History of strength training research (1:24:05)

Impact of COVID-19 on training behaviors (1:33:33)

Effects of non-nutritive sweeteners on body weight (1:38:12)

Coach’s Corner: Modified pressing variations in response to shoulder/elbow discomfort (1:44:35)

Q&A (1:50:40):

What’s the most ludicrous programming or workout you’ve ever heard of or seen with your own eyes? (1:50:49)

Can you HIIT yourself into marathon shape? (2:02:37)

Best tendon strengthening protocol? (2:11:45)

If you could redesign the Presidential Fitness Test to be science-based, what exercises would you select to assess physical fitness? (2:14:45)

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