Breakfast, Glycine, Muscle Knots, and Trigger Points

Season 3 pushes forward, and today’s episode is packed with information. The episode begins with some announcements, arguably good news, and feats of strength, followed by a couple quick research reviews about optimal breakfast composition to adequately fuel training and the potential applications of glycine supplementation for tendon and ligament adaptations. Then, Greg and Eric field listener questions about caffeine tolerance, muscle knots, trigger points, and more. To play us out, Greg shares some stunning revelations that will change the way you think about crabs.

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Time Stamps

0:00:33 Intro/Announcements, and a major correction

0:01:55 Good news

0:13:59 Selling Out

0:21:35 Feats of Strength

0:26:29 Research Review

0:26:45 Optimal breakfast to fuel training

Relevant studies:

0:42:23 Glycine supplementation for tendons and ligaments

Relevant studies: 

1:01:57 Q&A

1:02:01 Ant-Man Wilks score revisited

1:03:57 Can you rank cooking methods from best to worst in terms of how they impact micronutrient content?

1:07:43 If strength/size gains come back relatively quickly after a cut, is there any benefit to cutting at a less conservative pace in order to spend a higher percentage of the year in a lean bulking phase?

1:20:23 Is flywheel training good for hypertrophy?

1:26:15 It is necessary to cycle caffeine for its ergogenic effects?

1:36:10 Are muscle knots and trigger points “real” and worth caring about?

1:44:40 To play us out: Crabs

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