Interview: Gut Health with Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric sit down for an interview with Dr. Gabrielle Fundaro. The discussion covered a wide range of topics related to gut health, including fiber intake, meat intake, artificial sweeteners, sugar alcohols, probiotics, and much more.

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Time Stamps

0:00:29 Dr. Fundaro’s background

0:04:14 What exactly is “gut health”?

0:11:16 Are “enterotypes” legit? 

0:15:50 Fiber

0:18:57 Meat

0:26:46 Artificial sweeteners and sugar alcohols

0:40:00 Fermentable foods

0:44:55 Prebiotics and probiotics 

0:51:09 Antibiotics

0:57:15 Fecal transplants

1:02:44 Summary and conclusions

1:06:01 Does Dr. Fundaro use any training or nutrition strategies that aren’t fully supported by scientific evidence yet?

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