Immune Function, Home-Based Workouts, Fat Burners, and Lifting with Long Limbs (Episode 38)

The COVID-19 pandemic has had wide-ranging impacts, with some of those impacts relating to fitness. In today’s episode, Greg and Eric discuss the small, free, easy things you can do to support normal immune function, and how to construct some effective home-based workouts with little to no equipment. After that, they debut a “Good News” segment, which we all could use, followed by a Q&A segment that includes questions about protein intake, lifting with long limbs, eating to support injury prevention (or recovery), bench press range of motion, fat burners, and more. Finally, Greg shares a risotto recipe to play us out, and Eric adds a couple extra tips to take that risotto to the next level.   

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Time Stamps

0:01:35 News and Announcements

0:06:55  Coach’s Corner

0:07:00 Supporting immune function

0:20:29 Home-based workouts with no (or minimal) equipment

0:48:20 Good News

0:54:18 Q&A

  • 0:54:26 What is the evidence around nutrition and injury prevention or recovery? Specifically, is there any research on prolonged cuts and effect on risk of injury?
  • 1:00:05 Should long-limbed lifters train differently than lifters with more typical proportions? Does this advice change if the focus is strength versus hypertrophy? 
  • 1:17:29 Two protein questions. 1) There are huge discrepancies with protein recommendations. Some organizations recommend as low as 0.36g per pound, but some bodybuilders eat 400-500g per day. Where is the sweet spot, and is it possible to over-do it? 2) For my total daily protein intake, should I only count proteins from animal and dairy sources, since they are considered “high-quality” or “complete” proteins?
  • 1:30:57 Is there enough evidence to justify modifying training to include some bench pressing with a particularly long range of motion? For example, adding in some bench pressing with a flatter back arch and narrower grip?
  • 1:41:13 I am currently taking a stim-free fat burner with several ingredients, and I feel like it helps curb my appetite. Are these ingredients actually doing anything, or am I just wasting my money?

1:52:46 To Play Us Out: How to make risotto

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