Heart Rate Variability, Antagonist Stretching, and Chrononutrition (Episode 37)

Greg and Eric’s plans to morph the show into a political podcast have met an untimely end, but the show must go on. In today’s episode, they discuss some totally unsubstantiated claims about the coronavirus, also known as COVID-19, followed by some impressive Feats of Strength. After that, Eric shares a research review about how the timing of your meals may alter the metabolic response to feeding, then Greg shares a research roundup about energy expenditure during times of vigorous mental effort, antagonist stretching for strength and power, and using heart rate variability to gauge your recovery from lifting. Then, Greg and Eric answer a few listener questions, share a very tentative recommendation for the “On the Rise” segment, and share a very confident recommendation for the “On the Rise” segment. To close the episode, Greg discusses some of his favorite sources of fun, informative educational content that is not fitness related, and Eric one-ups him by sharing the only source of information a person would ever need.

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Time Stamps

0:00:59 New program for sale: Average to Savage 2.0

0:05:30 Lamenting the untimely terminations of the Klobuchar and Bloomberg campaigns

0:07:29 Coronavirus (COVID-19) impacts the fitness world. (Article from Beth Skwarecki)

0:13:20 Feats of Strength

0:21:03 Research Review: Twice as High Diet-Induced Thermogenesis After Breakfast vs Dinner On High-Calorie as Well as Low-Calorie Meals (Study, SBS guest article by Danny Lennon)

0:35:31 Research Roundup

  • The stress of chess players as a model to study the effects of psychological stimuli on physiological responses: an example of substrate oxidation and heart rate variability in man (Link). 
  • Effect of acute antagonist static stretching on upper-body agonist power (Link).
  • Profiles of Heart Rate Variability and Bar Velocity following Resistance Exercise (Link).

0:59:44 Q&A

  • 0:59:49 Advice for reducing the interference effect for recreational lifters?
  • 1:10:31 Do you need to worry about your muscle fiber type when it comes to power and rate of force development? From a training perspective, what can be done to improve power and rate of force development?
  • 1:27:59 Given its osmolytic properties, could taking trimethylglycine (betaine) during “peak week” be a good idea for natural bodybuilders? Has it been tried before?
  • 1:45:15 Are programs limited by our natural tendency to think in weeks? Could it be beneficial to have microcycles that last, for example, 5 days or 9 days?

1:52:21 On the Rise? Marco Sterpa

1:57:10 On the Rise: Travis Pollen

2:01:00 To Play Us Out

  • Sources of fun, informative educational content that is not fitness-related
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