Q&A: High Protein Diets, Hardgainers, Exercise Variety, and Bone Adaptations (Episode 29)

In today’s episode, Greg and Eric field listener questions about the use of machines versus free weights, the importance of exercise variety, why some “hardgainers” struggle to gain weight, some interesting physiological roles of bone, and much more. To finish off the episode, Greg and Eric share some advice on how aspiring students can obtain good letters of recommendation, and how to make your way into the world of research.

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Time Stamps

0:02:14 Are there any downsides associated with high protein diets? Is the “one gram per pound of body weight” rule good?

0:13:50 Is there any reason to believe that changing exercises circumvents the diminishing returns observed with completing several sets of the same exercise?

0:24:49 Are machines better or worse than free weights for hypertrophy?

0:36:39 We know that bone mineral density improves with weight training. Is there any reason to believe that purposefully improving bone mass could be a way to improve muscle mass and strength? Is it even possible to prioritize bone mass accretion in this manner?

0:50:13 Do “hardgainers” benefit from exceeding one gram of protein per pound of body weight? Do you see much in the literature about “hardgainers” who are female?

1:09:46 Is it possible to speculate that the diminished return from ‘training too hard’ can partly be explained by the magnitude of muscle protein breakdown exceeding the maximum magnitude of muscle protein synthesis that your body can stimulate in a single training session?

1:20:36 Do either of you have any recommendations on how to seek out a quality academic reference, without being a complete jerk about it? How can someone with aspirations of becoming a researcher get their start in the research world?

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