Protein, Fiber, Phototherapy, and Intro to Strongman with James Deffinbaugh (Episode 26)

In this episode, Greg and Eric have no idea what a new discovery about lactate means, but it seems important. Greg shares some impressive feats of strength, followed by a research roundup segment in which Eric discusses protein intake, sodium bicarbonate supplementation, dietary fiber, and more. After that, Greg gives an overview of the research pertaining to phototherapy or laser therapy, and shares some tips for baking really good bread. Finally, Greg and Eric interview pro strongman James Deffinbaugh, who tells us all about the world of strongman, including tips on how to get started if you’re interested in the sport.

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Time Stamps

0:01:28 In the news: histone lactylation links metabolism and gene regulation (Links: 1, 2)

0:09:50 Feats of strength

0:18:20 Research Roundup: Sodium bicarbonate, detoxification supplements, protein, and fiber (Links: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

0:51:23 An overview of phototherapy/laser therapy (Link: 1)

1:07:48 To Play Us Out: Greg’s cooking tips (baking bread)

1:17:50 Interview: James Deffinbaugh

1:19:10 What’s James’ background? What got him into lifting and strongman?

1:24:00 What are James’ biggest achievements and best lifts?

1:27:21 Most of the audience are powerlifters and bodybuilders. What glaring weaknesses would a typical powerlifter or bodybuilder have if they wanted to transition to strongman?

1:30:42 A common misconception is that all strongmen are 6’8” and 400lbs. What are the divisions?

1:32:27 How do you find a strongman gym? How can you train for strongman if there’s not a strongman gym nearby? How do you find competitions in your area?

1:36:17 How do you balance general strength training versus event training

1:41:37 Most powerlifters and bodybuilders think in terms of sets and reps. How do you program for events like carries and holds?

1:45:29 Technique requirements in powerlifting versus strongman

1:51:07 Nutrition in strongman- is there a big focus on nutrition among higher-level competitors? Are there any specific diets that are currently popular or trending?

1:53:02 Drugs in strongman – what percentage of competitors do you think are drug-free? How’s the plan for drug-tested nationals coming along?

2:03:41 How do you know you’re strong enough to actually make competing worthwhile?

2:05:50 It seems like there’s more injuries in strongman than other strength sports. Does that match your experience? What sorts of injuries are common? What prehab work or training modifications help make training safer?

2:13:31 Who are some strongmen and strongwomen on the rise to look out for?

2:19:28 Any closing advice for someone interested in getting into the sport?

2:21:08 Where can people find James online?

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