The Game Changers, Vegan Diets, Foam Rolling, and Keto with Michael Hull (Episode 24)

In this episode, Greg and Eric judge a carnivore diet book by its cover. After feats of strength, Greg and Eric discuss “The Game Changers,” a recent documentary with some bold claims about vegan diets, followed by a Research Roundup segment in which Greg discusses recent studies about foam rolling and training. Finally, Greg and Eric interview Michael Hull from, who tells us all about the pros and cons of ketogenic diets.

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Time Stamps

0:00:54 In-depth book cover review: carnivore diet edition

0:07:15 Feats of Strength

0:26:24 Film Review: “The Game Changers”

0:52:01 Research Roundup: Foam rolling and training

  • Papers discussed: 1, 2, 3, 4

1:22:27 To Play Us Out: a follow-up on our pain discussion from Episode 22

1:29:53 Interview: Michael Hull from

1:30:03 Michael’s background and role at

1:32:08 Examine’s new guide on ketogenic diets

1:34:14 What were the topics that the authors disagreed about during the writing process?

1:36:29 Were any of the authors extremely pro-keto or anti-keto when the project began?

1:37:41 How do you define a ketogenic diet?

1:38:39 What are the potential benefits of adopting a ketogenic diet?

1:41:08 For a ketogenic diet, how low do carbs need to be? Does it vary from person to person?

1:42:21 Does high protein intake kick you out of ketosis?

1:45:09 How do you know if you’re in ketosis or not?

1:50:35 Do you really need to have high fat intake, or is carb restriction sufficient?

1:51:56 How good or bad is the adherence rate in keto diet studies?

1:55:17 What are the potential drawbacks of a ketogenic diet? What micronutrients might be missing?

1:58:52 Do ketogenic diets have negative effects on cholesterol/blood lipids or hair loss?

2:03:46 Is it possible to predict who will respond relatively well (or poorly) to a ketogenic diet?

2:07:11 Net carbs versus total carbs

2:08:44 What are the effects of keto on fat loss, muscle gain, and muscle retention?

2:16:02 What are the effects of keto on physical performance?

2:24:01 Summarizing the effects of keto

2:27:31 Is keto potentially helpful for any conditions other than certain types of epilepsy?

2:34:52 Are there any applications for ketone supplements?

2:39:24 How popular are ketogenic diets?

2:45:55 Who is keto good for?

2:48:45 Where can people keep up with Michael online?

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