Red Meat, Deloads, and Pain with Dr. Michael Ray (Episode 22)

In this episode, Greg and Eric provide a thorough report on the Stronger By Science trip to Iceland. After feats of strength, Greg and Eric discuss a recent paper that has caused some controversy related to red meat and processed meat, followed by a practical discussion on how and why to implement deloads in your training. Finally, Greg and Eric interview Dr. Michael Ray, who tells us all about pain science, specifically in the context of lifting weights.

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Time Stamps

0:00:38 Thorough report on whether or not Iceland is windy (it is)

0:02:02 Feats of Strength

0:14:14 Research Review: Red meat and processed meat

Paper discussed

For more reading, an article on the paper

1:01:50 Coach’s Corner: Deloads

Discussion covers why, when, and how to implement deloads

Studies discussed: 1, 2

1:24:58 To Play Us Out: A quick primer on the biopsychosocial model, as it relates to pain

1:32:23 Interview: Michael Ray

1:33:37 Mike’s background

1:36:05 The chiropractic field

1:47:40 Pain science

2:04:02 Relationship between joint morphology and pain/injury

2:15:01 Practical aspects of addressing or dealing with pain

2:28:46 Good versus bad movement, as it relates to pain and injury

2:38:41 A practical discussion on applied kinesiology

2:43:01 Does Michael believe in any specific training strategies that lack supporting research, or that directly oppose the existing research findings?

2:46:11 Where to find Michael online

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