SBS Battle Royale (Episode 134)

In this podcast episode, Greg, Pak, and Milo enter the impromptu-debate arena for the first SBS Battle Royale. Mental gymnastics, science, drama, and the signature SBS banter you all know and love are all packed into a pilot episode that will either be remembered forever or forgotten in a few weeks.


00:37:24 – Topic 02 – Always training to failure to maximize hypertrophy
00:22:03 – Topic 01 – Are the “big 3” mandatory for strength and size?00:53:52 – Topic 03 – Sumo deadlifts for non-powerlifters
01:06:53 – Topic 04 – Old-skool “YOLO” bulking for maximum gains
01:19:42 – Topic 05 – Lifting weights for over 60 mins per week for health
01:37:51 – Battle Royale recap and Q&A

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