Understanding Micronutrient Targets: What Do They Mean, and Where Do They Come From? (Episode 120)

In this episode (which is Part 2 of our micronutrient series), Greg and Lyndsey discuss nutrient targets: where they come from, what they mean, and how to think about them. They also talk about the relative imprecision of micronutrient tracking, why micronutrient content can differ so much within a single food, and why it can be challenging to track your micronutrient intake in the first place.

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Episode 1 in the Micronutrient Series

History of RDAs and Government Micronutrient Recommendations (14:53)

DRI development retrospective

Ongoing DRV-related publications from the EFSA

Micronutrient series on the website

Micronutrient content in the MacroFactor knowledge base

 Understanding Micronutrient Targets and the DRI Framework (37:13)

 How EARs, RDAs, and LTIs are Determined (59:52)

 General discussion of the implications of imprecise research and large inter-individual variability (1:21:21)

  • Note: I was right about magnesium, and wrong about calcium. Calcium carbonate is the more common version in supplements (not oxide). Chelated calcium is generally a bit better than calcium carbonate, but the difference between calcium carbonate and chelated calcium isn’t NEARLY as large as the difference between magnesium oxide and chelated magnesium.

The relative imprecision of micronutrient tracking (and WHY micronutrient content can differ so much within a single food) (1:49:30)

Why it can be challenging to track your micronutrient intake in the first place (2:22:27)

 Wrap-up and conclusions (2:28:39)

Depressing final thought (2:35:49)

Cool, less depressing final thought (2:42:16)

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