Bonus Live Q&A: MacroFactor One-Year Anniversary Celebration

Today’s episode is a celebration of the one-year anniversary of launching MacroFactor. It was recorded with a live YouTube audience on September 16, 2022. In this episode, Greg and Eric answer some viewers’ questions that are specific to MacroFactor, but they also answer several unrelated questions about a wide range of training and nutrition topics.

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Time stamps

Intro (0:00)

Who’s the host? (1:24)

Greg and Eric’s talking speeds (3:09)

Thanking everyone for joining us and for supporting MacroFactor in year 1 (5:33)

MacroFactor annual report (6:37)

Biggest unexpected challenges for MacroFactor in year 1 (7:58)

A preview of upcoming feature updates for MacroFactor (11:29)

Predictors of successful dieting experiences (15:33)

Any plans to translate MacroFactor to other languages? (23:05)

Getting more protein on a vegetarian diet (27:59)

What’s your favorite nutrient? (34:24)

Rigid versus flexible cognitive restraint (36:15)

Any tips on bouncing out of “the hole” effectively when doing very deep squats? (43:29)

How do you determine when a cut is done? How long should a cut take, and how long should a subsequent maintenance phase be? Do you need to periodically insert diet breaks or maintenance phases during a long cut? (47:27)

Quick guidance on monitoring rate of weight change within MacroFactor (51:41)

How satiety changes in response to weight loss diets (54:34)

Greg and Eric’s athletic and fitness-related goals for the near future (1:02:44)

Thoughts on 3-minute rest periods between sets for hypertrophy? (1:10:47)

Any plans to include protein quality scores in MacroFactor? (1:15:17)

Looking back on the first year of MacroFactor, do you have any regrets? Would you do anything differently? (1:18:51)

Got any evidence-based information pertaining to the prevention or reversal of hair loss? (1:25:19)

Should someone interested in long-term muscle growth do a long, slow bulking phase, or several repeated cycles involving more aggressive bulking and cutting phases? (1:29:51)

How many days should you rest between workouts? (1:34:44)

Clarifying the podcast publishing schedule (1:37:32)

How does MacroFactor account for abrupt scale weight increases related to increased food intake at the beginning of a bulking phase? (1:38:42)

Should people specifically restrict or eliminate dairy intake when focusing on fat loss goals? (1:41:38)

How do Greg and Eric approach deloads in their own training? Do they change their calorie targets during a deload? (1:44:01)

How much sleep is needed to support recovery from training? (1:51:55)

Greg and Eric each share 1-2 recipes (1:56:42)

Wrap-up (2:06:21)

Video version

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