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Confidently control your nutrition with custom macro plans, easy food logging, and dynamic weekly adjustments.


What can you do with MacroFactor?

With a huge RD-verified food database, features that make food logging quick and easy, and dynamic weekly adjustments to keep you on track, MacroFactor gives you all the tools you need to reach your diet goals. 

Easily track your food

Quickly and easily log what you eat with our large (and accurate) RD-verified database and advanced logging features. 

Create a custom macro program

Get a smart, customizable plan designed for your goals, diet preferences, and training demands. 

Set goals and stay on track

Get weekly plan adjustments based on logged caloric intake, weight change, and our energy expenditure calculation.  

Track macros and micros

Ability to track macros, plus vitamins and minerals, alcohol, water, caffeine, leucine, cholesterol, and much more. 

Create custom foods and recipes

Create and edit custom foods and recipes, and use the barcode scanner, copy/paste, smart history, and AI describe to add foods.

Connect to dozens of other apps

Connect dozens of health apps (Garmin, smart scales, and more) through our FitBit, Google Fit, and Apple Health integrations. 

And much more! Full feature list and more details coming soon. 

What makes MacroFactor better?

MacroFactor was built by two sports nutrition and physiology experts and two machine learning and software experts. 

The result is an app that’s smarter than any other. 

Re-imagined and innovative food logging experience.

MacroFactor makes tracking quick, easy, and accurate. Features include barcode scanner, voice and plain text logging, smart history, copy and paste, custom foods and recipes, and more.

Smart adjustments made based on dynamic calculations.

Most apps require perfect adherence and use static estimates to make adjustments. MacroFactor makes dynamic calculations every day to check your progress and is “adherence neutral.” Didn’t stick to the plan? No problem. You'll keep getting smart recommendations based on actual logged caloric intake, weight change, and energy expenditure. 

Interactive dashboard, simple navigation, and beautiful data visualization.

When you open MacroFactor, you'll find beautiful data visualization for metrics like macro targets for the day, weight trend, goal progress, energy expenditure trend, and habit tracking. Use this page to get a quick overview, or dive deeper by clicking any of the elements to see more data and charts. 

MacroFactor is coming soon to both Apple and Android

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