Coach Pak Androulakis-Korakakis

BSc, PhD

Pak did his PhD in Sports Science at Solent University (UK) on the topic of “the minimum effective training dose for strength in powerlifters.” His research focuses on muscle strength, hypertrophy, and strength sport performance. Pak has worked for over 5 years with physique athletes, powerlifters, and recreationally active individuals looking to get stronger and improve their body composition.


About Pak

I fell in love with resistance training when I was 16 years old and it changed my life. My passion for training and nutrition kept growing since then and that eventually led me to pursuing a career as an educator and researcher in sports science.

I developed a passion for coaching during the first years of my academic career where I helped fellow lifters and friends with their strength training and nutrition. As I discovered how much I loved coaching, I started working with competitive powerlifters, recreationally active individuals, and athletes to gain experience and further develop my skillset.

I believe that a genuinely and truly evidence-based approach to training and nutrition should be guided by the current available scientific evidence as well as professional experience while factoring in individual preferences and idiosyncrasies. As a coach, my aim is to create a collaborative atmosphere, based on the consolidation of my experience and your feedback, which in turn will generate an adaptive plan of action that best suits your goals.


  • 2013-2016 – Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Fitness & Personal Training (sports science + practical modules) from Solent University (UK)
  • 2018-2021 – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sports Science at Solent University (UK)
  • Topic: “The minimum effective training dose required to increase 1RM strength in powerlifters”

Academic Experience

  • Teaching
    • 2016 – 2023 – Associate Lecturer in Sport Nutrition, Strength & Conditioning & Research Methods at Solent University (UK)
    • 2019-2020 – Associate Lecturer in Sport Nutrition & Physiology of Sport Performance at Winchester University (UK)
  • Research
    • 2023 – Current  Visiting Scholar/Researcher at Applied Muscle Development Lab, Lehman College (New York, USA)
    • 2016 – 2023 – Researcher at Solent University
    • Research Interests – Muscle strength and hypertrophy, exercise performance, and strength sports
    • Publications – Click here to see my Research Gate profile and the studies I’ve published.

Coaching Experience

  • Powerlifting athletes competing at the national & international level including a few 1st place finishers at national level competitions & a few national records (UK)
  • Recreationally active individuals & athletes aiming to increase muscle strength & improve their body composition
  • Physique athletes competing at the national level

What to expect

  • An individualized, evidence-based training and/or nutrition plan
  • A collaborative & supportive atmosphere
  • Frequent check ins and communication – From daily to weekly (depending on preference & goals set)

Get Personalized Strength, Physique, and Nutrition Coaching

There are three easy steps for getting started with an SBS coach.
1. Fill out the short application form.

We’ll ask you about your goals and training history. The application contains about 20 questions.

2. We’ll match you with a coach.

The SBS coaching team will review your application, and you’ll be matched with the perfect coach to support your goals.

3. Your new coach will contact you.

Your new coach will contact you promptly to answer any questions, finalize the process, and get started with your programming.

What Pak's clients say:

"Pak has far exceeded my expectations as a coach even when my hopes and expectations were substantially high to begin with. He is a tremendous coach to say the very least.

Pak helped me get the leanest I have ever been as well as learning how to better modify my training when life throws curveballs at me. He also worked around some major aches and pains that I experienced along the way.

I have nothing but extremely high praises about coaching with Pak through SBS. Pak was more than available to any and all of my questions and concerns throughout the week. He was flexible, kind, and helped me improve my own exercise and programming knowledge. To add to that, I truly felt valued as a client and Pak really cared about my goals, frustrations, and concerns every step of the way. He offered multiple times to hop on calls to further discuss stressful times in my life, some of them not even pertaining to my specific training.

Pak is truly one of the best coaches out there. He is someone I look up to in the fitness and nutrition space and he has made me a better athlete and coach myself."

Worked with Coach Pak
"Working together with Coach Pak, I have lost 60lbs – which is an all-time low for my body weight in my adult life. Weight loss has always been a personal goal and struggle of mine, but working with Pak on this journey has been a life-changing experience. His strategic approach has drastically improved my fitness performance and physique. Though I have achieved and surpassed my initial goal, the knowledge that you gain from working with Pak is second to none. Pak has exceeded my hopes and expectations and I could not have asked for anything more from a coach."
Worked with Coach Pak
"Coach Pak definitely met and exceeded my expectations. He was always super available, positive, responsive, thorough, and thoughtful. And above all else, he really knows what he is talking about. Through applying his advice, I have completely transformed my technique and lifting style with already amazing results."
Worked with Coach Pak
"Pak provided a level of support that I’ve never received before. He really went above and beyond in his coaching duties and responsibilities and I felt extremely cared for as a client. Pak really helped me rebuild my strength (and then some) after almost a full year off of training before that. I am more knowledgeable on a lot of training principles, can execute movements with much better technique, and the things I’ve learned under Pak I’ve been able to carry over to my training today. But most of all, under Pak’s guidance, I’ve gained a lot of confidence in my abilities and potential as a lifter. Having a coach that believed in me made a really big difference in a time in my life where I really needed it."
Worked with Coach Pak
"Pak has managed to exceed my hopes & expectations. In three months, we've managed to build back the muscle mass I lost during the lockdowns (and more). On top of that, I just repped my former 2RM for ~6 reps!"
Worked with Coach Pak
"I’m 42 and have been training for about 4 years. After 3 months with Pak, I added 25lb to my deadlift (which put it 10lbs over my 4-plate goal!) and about as much to my bench (went from 273lb touch-and-go to 285lb paused). Arm size increased about a quarter-inch over my top arm size about a year ago."
Worked with Coach Pak
"My hopes and expectations for working together have been exceeded. After months of working together on a bulk, [Coach Pak] helped curate a cut that has proven super effective. My heaviest weigh-in was 178lbs, and in just a few weeks I was down to 164lbs, and had even gained strength in a few lifts through the process, suggesting to me that I was losing fat and still gaining muscle. In addition, Pak coached me to execute the heaviest lifts of my lifetime. All in all, every expectation I had about how I wanted to improve/grow, and what I wanted in a coach, were all exceeded."
Worked with Coach Pak
Coach Pak is fantastic. I am a very busy, middle-aged professional and father of 4. I switched to training with Pak over a year ago to focus more on bodybuilding-style training and couldn't be happier with the results.  I've made noticeable gains with a better body composition in just a year,  gaining almost an inch on my biceps and nearly two inches on my chest at a lower body weight.  Pak is a deep thinker but very practical and flexible where it counts.  His programming has been transformative, and I've greatly enjoyed my training for the last year.  He is always available when I have a question or problem, and as a side bonus, he is also quite hilarious.  11/10 recommended."
Worked with Coach Pak
"Since I started working with Pak 7 months ago, I have managed to increase my Squat by 70 lbs, my Bench Press by 30 lbs, and my Overhead Press by 20lbs! I have also managed to perform a lean bulk adding nearly 15lbs of body weight without significantly increasing body fat%.  These are goals I have been chasing for years and have only managed to achieve now since starting to work with Pak! [Pak] has provided a structured and clear plan for progression in my workouts and my diet, an organized method to track my progress, and is always available to work through any issues or daily adjustments that are needed. This has taken the mental burden off me of wondering whether I am doing the right thing in the gym and kitchen, and allowed me to simply execute and see success on my strength and physique improvement goals."
Worked with Coach Pak
"Around 5 months in and I've added significant weight to my squat and deadlift. My previous 1RM squat was ~ 275lbs, this week I hit a 325lb single with more depth. My previous 1RM deadlift was ~ 335lbs and this week I hit 385lbs for three reps. My form has also been all around much better."
Worked with Coach Pak
"The self-efficacy Pak helped me to build was unexpected, but also game changing. I held myself back for a long time because I lacked confidence in my capacity to improve. Beyond that, I’ve also been able to dig deeper and deeper to push myself further and further."
Worked with Coach Pak
"My expectations [for a coach] always include: strong rapport, communication, honesty/transparency, trackable progress. They were met quickly on all angles. I improved my form in the main lifts, increased my consistency in the gym, and gained 75lbs in my SBD total."
Worked with Coach Pak
"From the beginning Pak’s coaching has exceeded expectations. He is open, supportive and incredibly knowledge. He is clear about the plans and expectations. His approach allows you to quickly develop trust in him and the plan. Through hard trainings work trips and recreational holiday, my weight was steady and I always made my competition weight."
Worked with Coach Pak
Working with Pak has been a great experience. He's been extremely responsive & open to modifying my programming to fit my unique life circumstances. Between my constant shoulder issues & my incredibly busy life (1 full time job taking ~60 hours a week & a business I've started on the side) I was ready to quit multiple times but his constant positivity & levelheadedness combined with his work modifying my program repeatedly over the course of a few weeks until we found something that works kept me in it. He's far surpassed my reasonable expectations for the flexibility, knowledge, & availability of a lifting coach."
Worked with Coach Pak
"[Before hiring a coach], I was doing standard "cookie cutter" programs for about 3 years. Initial easy gains had slowed down significantly, and my technique in the big 3 had never been properly assessed by a coach. In these 2 months, I progressed more than on my own, plus I got the opportunity to perfect the technique on certain exercises and lost the "fear" of some exercises. I was able to manage fatigue and volume more efficiently which resulted in me lifting personal records without even going to failure."
Worked with Coach Pak
"Pak has been a great coach for me. In terms of his approach to coaching, he delivers exactly what I wanted. He takes my input seriously and in turn tries to provide as much information and insight into what’s going on as possible.
 My main goal was to gain muscle and strength, and since we started working together I have been able to gain both at a steady rate. In squat, bench, and deadlift I have made major strength gains, adding 20-30kg on my 1rms in a span of about 6 months.
Worked with Coach Pak
"[Before I hired Coach Pak], I had ~8 years of weight training experience and I was self-coached the whole time. I had gone through several different programs and lifting styles. [Since working with Pak], I have gotten considerably stronger in my main lifts (from where I started with the coach) and with better form than in the past. I have gained weight and muscle at a good pace and I like how my physique has been improving."
Worked with Coach Pak
"[Since working with Coach Pak], I have learned how to bench press, and it seems like every week I'm meeting a PR – in either reduced RPE, or increased weight. I have improved my relationship with food, and I have learned what periodized training looks like, and how my strength training can be adapted to my endurance training needs. I have definitely made more gains in the last six months working with Pak than I was when I was doing my own programming. I am seeing strength gains, while also being able to recover for my handcycle training."
Worked with Coach Pak
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