Coach Milo Wolf

Milo is currently pursuing his PhD on “the effects of range of motion on muscle hypertrophy in strength.” His research focuses on muscle hypertrophy and strength. Milo has guided individuals in their journey of getting bigger, stronger, and leaner for more than 4 years. Having coached and competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting, he is well-equipped to help clients with competing.

About Milo

I was 14. I’d just stopped playing soccer and decided I wanted to take the home workouts that I’d kept secret from everyone to the next level. I signed up for a gym and began lifting.

Over the next few years, I went deeper and deeper into the rabbit hole. I started seeing gains and hitting PRs – the positive feedback loop had begun. I grew curious about how to improve the most and realized science could help me get there, so I decided to apply for an undergraduate course in Sport & Exercise Science. I began coaching people. I competed in both bodybuilding and powerlifting. After finishing my undergrad, I began my PhD in Sport Science.

As a coach, I draw heavily – but not exclusively – from scientific evidence in order to meet your goals. I try to create coach-client relationships that are compassionate and allow clients to be transparent. In my experience, the clients who do the best are the ones who commit to establishing a long-term coaching relationship with regular communication.


  • 2017-2020 – Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Sports & Exercise Science from Loughborough University (First Class Honours)
  • 2020-Current – Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Sports Science at Solent University
    • Topic: “The effects of range of motion on muscle hypertrophy and strength”

Academic experience

Coaching experience

  • Over 4 years of coaching experience. Mostly general population aiming to gain muscle/strength and lose fat. I’ve also coached some competitive bodybuilders and powerlifters to the stage/platform.

Competitive experience

  • Milo has competed in both powerlifting (IPF) and bodybuilding (WNBF).

Personal Interests

  • Lifting weights
  • Cooking
  • Hiking

What to Expect

  • Regular video call check-ins
  • A direct and transparent, but compassionate coach-client relationship
  • An individualized approach to your goals and needs

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