Coach Greg Schiltz

Greg is a Registered Dietitian, Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist, and has a Master’s degree in Nutrition. He has worked with athletes for nearly 15 years as a personal trainer, strength coach, and dietitian/sports nutritionist. He has worked with NFL players, D1 college athletes, and pro strongmen and strongwomen but enjoys working with clients at all fitness and experience levels.  Greg currently competes in Strongman in the 80kg class.

About Greg

I am not your prototypical athlete. I was not raised to compete in sports, and strength has not come naturally to me. I have dedicated my education, training, and career to helping people like me reach their potential regardless of their starting point.

Though I began my career in personal training, my fascination with the dynamic interaction between the foods we take in and our performance, recovery and body composition led me to pursue a graduate education in nutrition. I pride myself on my ability to blend evidence-based practices with the very individual and emotional art that is our diet.

I feel that the human element of diet is often ignored, and use my unique skillset to help clients design a diet plan they not only enjoy, but that works with their own physiology and still delivers results. Additionally, my education and experience as a dietitian allow me to help clients navigate through deficiencies and other medical issues as they maximize their goals and performance.


  • Master of Public Health, Human Nutrition, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
  • Advanced placement internship with Duke Sports Nutrition, Durham, NC
  • Clinical Internship Placement – Caromont Regional Medical Center, Gastonia, NC


  • Registered Dietitian – Certified by the Commission on Dietetic Registration
  • Licensed Dietitian Nutritionist – Licensed by the North Carolina Board of Dietetics/Nutrition

Work Experience

  • 14+ years working with athletes from high school to the professional level in both team and individual sports.
  • 7+ years as a Registered Dietitian providing nutrition counseling and medical nutrition therapy.
  • 5 years as an online strength and nutrition coach.

Personal Experience

  • 16 years of strength and endurance training.
  • Competed in over 20 local and national strongman competitions with 15 podium finishes. 

What to Expect

  • Initial phone call, Facetime or Skype to discuss client goals, assess their needs and nutritional status.
  • Individualized diet planning including macronutrient needs, micronutrient considerations, nutrient timing and optimal supplementation protocols.
  • A customized training program adjusted weekly according to exercise, nutrition and lifestyle performance.
  • Check-ins are weekly through Google documents. I provide a template for you to fill out on a weekly basis to give me the data I work with.
  • Communication is highly encouraged. Clients may email me with questions, concerns and updates. I respond within 24 hours, and check my client emails once per day.

Get Personalized Strength, Physique, and Nutrition Coaching

There are three easy steps for getting started with an SBS coach.
1. Fill out the short application form.

We’ll ask you about your goals and training history. The application contains about 20 questions.

2. We’ll match you with a coach.

The SBS coaching team will review your application, and you’ll be matched with the perfect coach to support your goals.

3. Your new coach will contact you.

Your new coach will contact you promptly to answer any questions, finalize the process, and get started with your programming.

What Greg's clients say:

"I started with Greg over a year ago as an open strongwoman natural athlete. My goal was to slim down to u82 category and be stronger than ever. I also said I don’t like using any supplements and I looove food. Greg is very knowledgeable about food and he makes sure I am well fueled for my training. In a year working with him I have slimmed down to the u82 category with no problems. I have done a few watercuts with him which were nice and easy. No loss of muscle or strength. I have became England's Strongest Woman 2023 as well as Britain’s Natural Strongest Woman 2023. I can't recommend Greg enough! I was still eating what I like with little tweaks! My recovery and energy was on point!"
Worked with Coach Greg
"Greg is one of the most professional and passionate coaches I’ve had the pleasure of working with. I’ve been a competitive Strongman for 5+ years, but working with Greg for the past year has seen me break nearly every plateau and PR. His holistic approach to coaching is why so many of his athletes find success. His analyzing and maximizing every aspect from nutrition to technique to recovery has been key to improving my performance, even as I approach 40. He is excellent at tailoring his programming and approach to each client, their needs, goals, and limitations. He’s gotten me stronger, leaner, more conditioned, and faster, all while I’ve had FUN training AND stayed injury free. If you’re looking to take your Strongman performance to the next level, I cannot recommend Greg enough!"
Worked with Coach Greg
Signing up with Greg was one of my best decisions in recent memory
"Big shout out to Greg Schiltz and SBS coaching! I had stalled out on gaining lean mass and strength for 3+ years. After 27 years of training I figured I had peaked/aged out. I’m over 40. On a whim I tried SBS coaching and got Greg and it has been great. In less than a year I gained ~10-15lb of lean mass, 60+lb on deadlift, 40+lb on squat and 20lb on bench. And this was a year with surgery, eating restrictions, elbow stitches and Covid lockdowns. Signing up with Greg was one of my best decisions in recent memory - totally worth it. I highly recommend Greg and SBS coaching.”
Worked with Coach Greg
He has changed my eating habits for life
"I have worked with Greg for a little over 2 years. During that time, I lost 35 pounds and have kept it off with his guidance. This was done through changing my eating habits and not through some fad diet. He helped me understand what foods I should be eating and correct portions. He is always encouraging, never condescending when I do not meet a goal as quickly as I would like. He has also been very helpful in tailoring my nutrition plan with my exercise plan. He has changed my eating habits for life, I would not hesitate to recommend Greg to someone. He is the best!"
Worked with Coach Greg
Within six months, I felt stronger than I had in 5 years
"For years I lived with back pain and the constant fear it would grow worse. Greg not only gave me the guidance and routines I needed to get past that pain, he doubled as a sort of faux therapist and listened to me as I worked through these issues. Within six months I felt stronger than I had in 5 years. He (gently but confidently) pushed me through any mental barriers I had and got me back on the road to being strong and healthy. I couldn't recommend him more."
Worked with Coach Greg
Coach Greg has helped me immensely
"Coach Greg has helped me immensely during our time working together. I was always the skinny guy so I never worried about what I ate, but as I aged I started putting on some pounds. While working with Greg, I have lost 20 lbs and gotten stronger at the same time. He actually has me following a diet plan that I can maintain. I would definitely recommend him to anyone looking to get leaner, stronger, and/or healthier."
Worked with Coach Greg
I’ve seen significant gains in most of my compound movements and decreases in times in many of my moving events
"I’ve been working with Greg Schiltz for about a year and a half. I hired Greg after being unsatisfied with my progress working with a different coach, and not feeling confident in my own programming. During my time working with Greg I’ve seen significant gains in most of my compound movements and decreases in times in many of my moving events. My deadlift, usually an event I score near the bottom at or zero, at my last competition I finished in third in the event. Weights that I used to periodically fail, I’m now consistently pulling for five and six reps. My pressing, traditionally my best event has always been wildly inconsistent. Since working with Greg I’ve seen a significant improvement in my consistency in all pressing events. ... Greg has done great work helping work around a sometimes sporadic travel schedule that may leave me with minimal equipment for over a month at a time. We’ve worked through and recovered from three injuries in quick succession."
Worked with Coach Greg
I am continually impressed
"I want to express my appreciation for Greg’s work. He sets everything up for me and continually adapts and tweaks things to maximize my progress. He strikes a really good balance between making the workouts challenging but not a death march which I definitely was not able to do myself. I am continually impressed by his ability to do all of this remotely just based on the spreadsheets and notes!"
Worked with Coach Greg
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