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Cody is a research scientist, coach, and writer. He obtained his PhD from Auburn University where he studied Exercise Physiology in the Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory. Cody has published multiple peer-reviewed studies in the areas of exercise physiology and sports nutrition in some of the top science journals in the field, and has taught multiple undergraduate and graduate courses in exercise and nutrition science. Alongside his academic work, Cody has been helping individuals apply science to practice since 2013 through both online and in-person coaching.


About Cody

As a research scientist with a passion for exercise and nutrition, I enjoy helping individuals effectively apply science to practice. I aim to provide an evidence-based, personalized approach with a client’s specific goals in mind. Through continuing education and scientific programming with a personal touch, I desire to empower clients with the knowledge and coaching necessary to successfully achieve their health, physique, and performance goals.


  • Bachelor’s Degree (BS) in Exercise Science from East Tennessee State University (ETSU)
  • Master’s Degree (MA) with a concentration in Sport Physiology and Performance from ETSU 
  • Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) in Kinesiology from Auburn University with a concentration in Exercise Physiology


  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist (CSCS) through the National Strength and Conditioning Association
  • Accredited Sports Nutritionist (ASN) through the Sports Nutrition Association

Professional Experience

  • Certified Personal Trainer from 2012-2014
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach from 2013-2015 at ETSU
  • Sports Nutrition Consultant from 2014-2015 at ETSU Olympic Training Site
  • Strength and Conditioning Coach from 2015-2017 at Auburn University Olympic Training Site
  • Graduate Research Assistant in the Molecular and Applied Sciences Laboratory from 2015-2018 at Auburn University
  • Assistant Professor of Exercise Science & Sport Science Coordinator at LaGrange College from 2018-2020
  • Currently a Research Scientist at Dr. Haun’s Fitness Lab, Coach, and Writer

What to expect

I’m currently accepting applications for 1-hour consultations related to training program design and sports nutrition with an emphasis on health, physique, and performance. If upon detailed review of your application I think we would be a good fit for a consultation, I will personally email you to set up a time. In a 1-hour consultation, I aim to answer your questions based on scientific evidence and wisdom gained through personal experience, and to equip you with knowledge that can help you make progress toward your goals. Prior to an appointment, I will gather information and resources I believe will be helpful to you and gladly share resources I deem appropriate with you to help inform your approach.

What Cody’s clients say:


Expand Powerlifting Testimonials

“I decided to approach Cody for online coaching because I always felt I had untapped potential I wasn’t able to fully realize by myself. When we started working together, we only had a few weeks before a scheduled competition, but we just had enough time to set a baseline and go straight into a peak cycle for my deadlift. It worked beautifully, and I hit an all-time PR of 285kg and won the under-90kg class, a testament to Cody’s scientific and evidence-based methods. Seriously looking forward to continuing the journey…”

“Cody helped me return to and surpass my previous strength levels after a devastating injury. Cody has a depth and breadth of knowledge that is extraordinarily impressive. He has a very developed knowledge of strength training. What I expected when I signed up was expertly designed, individualized strength programming. I received that and more. The part I did not expect was Cody’s extreme attention to detail. He listened to what I had to say and made expert adjustments quickly. When I dealt with nagging injuries, he would listen to my complaints and helped me with preventative exercises to avoid those injuries. Cody helped me to set many PRs and ultimately coached me through 2017 USAPL Raw Nationals.”

“I’ve been working with Cody for the last 13 months, and boy has it been a massive learning curve for me. Being a coach myself and having worked with a couple of online coaches before, Cody’s knowledge has not only impressed me but inspired me; this guy is like an encyclopedia. He has been able to understand my body while finely adjusting my volume and intensity based on a very hectic lifestyle and knowing the weak parts of my lifts.”

“I was a little bit out of shape (body fat slightly below 20%). But after three months of training under Cody’s guidelines, I lost 17% body mass (88kg to 73kb) and around 10% body fat (below 10%). As if that were not enough, I had some huge PRs during my last overreaching micro after 15 weeks of dieting. Awesome! I am looking forward to my strength phase and becoming even stronger! I can recommend Cody to anyone (from beginner to advanced lifters) who want to get stronger under the best scientific circumstances. He answers fast, frequently, and always has some motivating words to any of my questions.”

I hit numbers I had not even dreamed of hitting. I learned a lot about myself as a lifter than I was not even aware I was capable of. We really honed in on some major weaknesses, and I was able to hit PRs in every lift in the gym and at my first national meet. I hit them at an all-time low bodyweight of 110lb.”

“I turned to Cody after having a negative experience over 7 months with another online coach, so I was skeptical as to what to expect from him. However, he blew away my expectations and consistently proved he is willing to take the time needed to ensure I have the best possible chance of success. Cody’s attention to detail and frequency of check-ins was hugely beneficial to me, and I believe one of the main reasons for our success together.”


“When I first began working with Cody Haun, I had very little knowledge about programming, and my slow progress reflected that. With starting lifts of 265lb, 175lb, and 365lb in the squat, bench, and deadlift respectively, I was very frustrated with my lack of results. Always there for you and pushing you, Cody forced me to work harder and get stronger. Under Cody’s programming, my lifting (and physique) improved dramatically. I learned a lot about weight management and its effect on my physique and performance in the gym. Within several months of working with Cody, I gained insight into programming and autoregulating volume and intensity in my training. Cody changed my life forever. Not only do I look and feel better, but I have also gained a substantial amount of knowledge about training that will stick with me forever.”

“If you already track your own data (macronutrients, body weight, lifting numbers), then Cody is a natural fit for you. His data-first approach is something that I really appreciate, as he really dials in on your weaknesses and aims to work on them with a very specific approach. I’ve only been seriously lifting for about 2 years, but lifting in total for 4 years, and I still found the coaching very helpful.”

In 3 months, Devin’s squat went from 375lb to 405lb. His bench went from 255lb to 265lb. His deadlift went from 475lb to 500lb.

“My engagement period with Cody was of the utmost satisfaction since day one. A no-BS, completely science-driven approach was used. He took his time assessing my strengths as well as my weaknesses, breaking down my form and tailoring a dynamic program to maximize my preparedness. Check-ins were at least bi-weekly, and my question would be answered within hour of me sending it. As a result, just 8 weeks in, my squat went up 50lb, my deadlift went up 25lb, and my bench went up 20lb. This was by far the best online coaching service I received, and I would highly recommended it to any serious individual looking to take it to the next level.”

“I came to Cody with the intent of gaining a substantial amount of muscle in plans to move up a weight class and achieve a bigger total. With Cody’s guidance, we completed three blocks of hypertrophy training going from 205lb all the way up to 232lb while never exceeding 15% body fat. Leading into the meet, making the 220 lb weight class was a breeze, and I PRed my total by 50lb, winning first class in the division. I am confident that without Cody’s guidance none of this would have been possible. His constant use of scientific principles in training is unmatched.”


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“Totally satisfied and blown away with the results. Truly worked with the best people possible and achieved levels I didn’t think were possible of my own body. All due to the genius behind what these men do with training, diet, and positive attitudes.”

“Over the course of working almost two years with coach Chris Vann and Cody Haun, I have obtained goals and personal achievements I thought to be long down the road. Their knowledge and understanding of kinesiology has given me opportunities of growth. During my last show prep, I impressed myself with my final package, and I never thought I could get to 5% body fat alone. My overall experience with coach Chris and Cody has been fantastic and very fulfilling.”

Expand CrossFit, Military, Police, or Concurrent Training Testimonials

“I am currently a student at the United States Military Academy, West Point, and over the past year and a half, I have consistently gone to the gym and have not seen the results that I had hoped for. I reached out to Cody and met with him in person while I was back home in Georgia. I recently finished the 10-week cut that we decided I would begin with. During the cut, Cody provided me with consistent feedback and answered any questions I had regarding the program. After the cut, I had felt leaner than I have ever been. I also saw many of my lift maxes increase. … I took the APFT and IOCT around week 8 of the cut and scored the highest score I have ever achieved. As a result of Cody’s conditioning programming, I ran a 12:09 2-mile run and scored a total of 330 on the entire test, which is beyond maxing. The results I have seen in the short time have exceeded my expectations.”


Expand Fat Loss, General Health, and Recreational Fitness Testimonials

“As a personal trainer myself, I wanted to find someone who could optimize my own results while also enabling me to learn from them in the process. … I have already learned a huge amount during our time together. Programming is effective, challenging, and evidence-based. Communication is prompt. And queries are answered and addressed in detail. I have found the level individualization, feedback, and communication to far exceed what I expected from an online coach.”

“After training my garage for about 2 years and not being able to see the results I wanted, I decided to reach out to Cody Haun for online training and nutritional coaching. I was a bit nervous at first and was not really sure what to expect since this was my first time training with a coach. After my first week, I knew I had made the right decision. Cody was there guiding me through every step and answering every question I had while also providing valuable feedback. My starting weight was around 150lb with body-fat percentage around 15%. As soon as I started the first cut microcycle, I started to see the weight come down. At the end of my cut, I weigh 129lb with body-fat percentage around 8-9%. I learned a lot with Cody, and the overall experience was great.”

“I’ve been training with Cody for almost two years now, and it has been such a great experience. I have learned a lot from him. Starting with a 4-month cut, then a 12-month mass program, followed by another 6-month cut and reaching our targets each time. I would have never been able to do this without Cody’s knowledge and guidance. For the second cut, I was able to drop 30lb with a body-fat percentage of around 20-25% down to 5-7%.”

Edward’s squat went from 240lb to 360lb. His bench went from 250lb to 305lb. His deadlift went from 255lb to 410lb. His total went from 745lb to 1075lb.

After a macrocycle of cutting, Megan lost over 40lb!

After a macrocycle of cutting, Rachel lost almost 40lb, going from 157lb to 124lb.

“I had previously been training without any coach for many years, as I believed that with independent research, I could get to where I wanted to be. However, after seeing my numbers plateau and my progress stall for far too long, I decided to get an online coach. I have received training and nutritional coaching from Cody for 5 months, focusing on mass building, as I wanted to increase my overall size. Working with Cody has been a pleasure. What has impressed me most is his attention to detail. His macrocycles are never the same, with varying sets and reps of each exercise to suit your goals: Something I could never master on my own, and I find it lifts my training to new levels. Despite not concentrating on PRs, all of my big three lifts have gone up.”

“I had other coaches before, but I always felt like a number and not a person. Working with Cody, I felt the exact opposite! He was nothing but kind and helpful throughout the coaching process, always checking in and making sure we’re working toward the same goals. … I had a lot of major changes in my work-life balance, and he helped me adjust our game plan when my goals suddenly changed, while remaining totally supportive along the way. I also appreciated his honesty throughout it all, asking me the questions that got to the heart of my goals, providing honest feedback on how to really attack my lifts and nutrition, and letting me know that even though it might be a tough process, it was definitely doable!”

“Having never been to a gym before, Cody made me feel very comfortable. My daughter, who came along for the ride, signed up as well. Cody was very patient teaching us the right way to do things when I know we were a challenge. … We still work out four times a week doing predominantly back squats, deadlifts, and bench press because of the great training and encouragement we received from Cody. Having dealt with celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and weight gain over the last 20 years, I never thought I could be this healthy, happy, and running after two toddlers at the age of 55.”



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