Coach Adam Fisher

Adam has 8 years of personal training experience, including 6 years of working as an online coach and 4 years of working for SBS. Adam has over 12 years of lifting experience, including competitive bodybuilding, powerlifting, and running.

About Adam

Twelve years ago, I almost committed suicide, but when I made it through, I never looked back. Ever since then, powerlifting and exercise have been literal lifesavers, transforming me from the 140lb weakling to the 230lb lifter I am today. I specialize not only in coaching clients on their fitness, but also in coaching them to adopt productive and healthy lifestyles.

My focus with my clients is always to help them move better, get stronger, and build muscle. I believe in helping people become the strongest version of themselves. With years of practical and theoretical experience under my belt, I always do everything I can to ensure my clients see the results they’re looking for.

Coaching Experience

  • 8 years personal training, working with hundreds of clients in a variety of settings (one-on-one, group, athletic, elderly, women)
  • 6 years online coaching, 4 years working for SBS
  • Internship, Westside Barbell
  • Strength Coach to 22 Athletics/966 Crossfit, first male CrossFit box in Saudi Arabia


  • ACE Personal Trainer
  • ACE Mind/Body Exercise Specialist

Personal Experience

Over 12 years of lifting and exercise in a variety of styles, including bodybuilding, powerlifting, and running.

What to Expect

  •  Initial Skype call or phone call to go over clients goals, limitations, and programming needs
  • Completely personalized custom programming, updated weekly with new workouts
  • Weekly check-ins to ensure client remains on track
  • Diet and lifestyle coaching as needed

Training Programming

  • Programming will be periodized to ensure maximum benefit to the client. A variety of periodization styles can be used to fit the client’s needs. Typically, 4-month programming blocks are used to ensure enough variation for consistent improvement.
  • Major movements will focus on the primary goals of the client.
  • Assistance work is provided, tailored to the individual weaknesses of the client and the areas that they need to improve upon.
  • Some form of cardio or conditioning is included: Even for the most strength-oriented client, some cardio is necessary for optimal performance.
  • Sets, reps, intensity, and other variables will be modified from week to week to ensure regular progress.

What Adam's clients say:

Get Personalized Strength, Physique, and Nutrition Coaching

There are three easy steps for getting started with an SBS coach.
1. Fill out the short application form.

We’ll ask you about your goals and training history. The application contains about 20 questions.

2. We’ll match you with a coach.

The SBS coaching team will review your application, and you’ll be matched with the perfect coach to support your goals.

3. Your new coach will contact you.

Your new coach will contact you promptly to answer any questions, finalize the process, and get started with your programming.

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