Coach Cody Haun, MA, CSCS

Services include: Training programming, nutrition programming, training and nutrition programming package.

I have a passion for positively impacting the lives of people through providing critically thought-out, scientifically sound training and nutrition programming services that equip individuals to successfully achieve their physique and performance goals. I seek to offer the best programming services I’m able. I am confident, given my education background, practical experience, and relentless pursuit of knowledge pertaining to the training process that I can provide you with the training and nutrition programming to realize great results. I am very grateful for your consideration and want you to feel free to contact me with any questions!

Coaching Experience

  • Personal training and coaching: 3 years personal training and coaching working with over 100 clients and athletes at various fitness centers and institutions.
  • Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach and Sport Scientist: 2 years, East Tennessee State University
  • Sport Nutrition Consultant: East Tennessee University Olympic Training Site

Education and Certifications

  • Current: Doctoral student (Kinesiology, Concentration: Exercise Physiology) and Teaching/Research Assistant at Auburn University
  • M.A. in Kinesiology, Concentration: Exercise Physiology and Performance. East Tennessee State University, 2015.
  • B.S. in Exercise and Sport Science, Cum Laude Graduate. East Tennessee State University, 2013.
  • Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist, National Strength and Conditioning Association, 2013.


What an experience! Having competed in Olympia Amateur men's physique Hong Kong and attaining second place in my first ever competition was truly one of the most satisfying experience. I wouldn't have been able to do it without Cody's continuous support,  expertise and motivation! I have been a client of Cody's for close to a year and a half now, and he has NEVER let me down. His scientific research based training and nutrition advice have always produced the results that were over my expectation. I believe there should never be a cookie cutter approach to personal training and Cody was able to assess what works with me and what doesn't for my contest prep and react in time. At times he showed that he seemed to care more than I cared,  that really says something about your coach! If you're looking for contest prep, Cody is the man!

Will Kong

I have been working with Cody for over a year and it’s been the best training of my life. PERIOD. I’ve always trained or been active but when I got to college I picked up weight training seriously and made good progress, learned as much as I could at the time, and ended up falling in love with training. However, after the “beginner gains” started slowing down I got to the point where the best I could hope for each year was gaining maybe 5 lbs of lean mass and adding around 15-25 lbs on my major lifts naturally. That all changed when I met Cody. Initially I was weary of starting with a coach for my training programming because 1. I’ve never done it before & 2. I have an intermediate base of knowledge already and didn’t want to pay someone who is going to give me this standard split that you could get off Nonetheless, right off the bat, when I asked him questions before starting he gave me long, well-written answers that not only conveyed a lot of information but got me excited to train again. On top of that, the great thing about working with Cody is that no matter whether you are a beginner or advanced in training/knowledge of training he does exactly what a coach is supposed to do; fill in the gaps where you are lacking in knowledge and training, as well as, evolve your thinking to your own training. I can honestly say, in the 5 (almost 6) years of training, my best sessions have been throughout this past year. I am the biggest, strongest, and leanest at my current weight then I have ever been at once. Not a single penny spent went to waste.

All lifts below are from my time working with Cody for just over a year:


Before working with Cody: 335lbs

After: 465lbs


Before: 265lbs

After: 320

Deadlift (with incurring an injury over that time span)

Before: 420

After: 475

Jake C.

"It was a pleasure to work with Cody for the last 4 months. Under his supervision I was able to lose 14kg/31lbs (83kg to 69kg). Those kgs were melting week by week! The biggest outcome from working with Cody though is very valuable training and nutrition knowledge. From a day 1 I saw how competent Cody is in what he's doing so I was bombarding him with questions on how to eat and train right. Cody was very patient with me explaining and sharing every last bit of information he knew in order to make it 100% clear for me on how everything works. He closely monitored the weight changes and fine-tuned nutrition and training program week by week to achieve the best results! I am extremely happy with where we are at so far! I recommend Cody to everyone no matter what's your current knowledge in nutrition and training - it is only about willingness to learn - coach Cody is right here for your service!! 🙂 As for me - I am definitely going to continue working with Cody, it's time to build up some muscle mass!! Thank you very much Cody, let's keep up the good work!"

George K

When I first began working with Cody Haun, I had very little knowledge about programming and my slow progress reflected that.  With starting lifts of 265lb, 175lb, and 365lb in the squat, bench, and deadlift respectively, I was very frustrated at my lack of results.  Always there for you and pushing you, Cody forced me to work harder and get stronger.  Under Cody’s programming, my lifting (and physique) improved dramatically.  Within half a year, I was able to squat 315lb (+50lb), bench 205lb (+30lb), and deadlift 440lb (+75lb)… in other words, a 155lb improvement on my total.  From a nutritional standpoint, I learned a lot about weight management and its affect on my physique and performance in the gym.  Within several months of working with Cody, I learned a lot about programming and autorregulating volume and intensity in my training.  Cody changed my life forever.  Not only do I look and feel better, I have gained a substancial amount of knowledge about training that will stick with me forever.  Thank you Cody!

Victor Manuel Armenta-Valdes

I've been working with Cody for the last 13 months, and boy has it been a massive learning curve for me. Being a coach myself and having worked with a couple of online coaches before, Cody's knowledge has not only impressed me, but inspired me; this guy is like an encyclopedia. He has been able to understand my body, finely adjust my volume and intensity based around a very hectic life style and weak parts of my lifts. Best lifts while under Cody at 208-210lbs:

Squat (been injured part of the year so I'm based it off a squat AMRP PR hit this week)- 170kg/375x8 which puts me at around 215kg/470lb +10kg PR
Bench- 172.5kg/380lb +20kg PR
Deadlift- 230kg/506lb (not tested lately but very confident of a much higher number) +10kg PR
Total- 617.5kg/1358.5lb +40kg/88lb PR

Dan R.

I turned to Cody after having a negative experience for the past 7 months with another online coach, and so I was skeptical as to what to expect from him. However, he blew away my expectations and consistently proved he is willing to take the time needed to ensure I have the best possible chance of success. His attention to detail and frequency of check-ins was hugely beneficial to me, and I believe one of the main reasons for our success together!

I came to Cody with a powerlifting competition 15 weeks away, and in those 15 weeks we improved my total from when we started working together by 110kg, which was also a 77.5kg all time pr on my total! All of this was done while adding 7kg of body weight which had also been a struggle of mine in the past. After 15 week macrocycle:

Bodyweight:198lbs (+11lbs)
Squat: 260kg (573lbs) (+88lb PR)
Bench: 145kg (320lbs) (+55lb PR)
Deadlift: 285kg (628lbs) (+78lb PR)

Robert M.

I came to Cody because I wanted to become a good powerlifter, and I wanted to start correctly from the beginning. I was a little bit out of shape (body fat slightly below 20%). My goals were to become as strong as possible, as fast as possible. He recommended a hypo caloric diet to get me in shape again to ensure I can gain muscle even better and faster again.

After 3 months training under his guidelines, I lost 17% body mass (88kg to 73kg) and around 10% body fat (below 10%). As if that were not enough, I had some huge PRs during my last overreaching micro after 15 weeks dieting. AWESOME!!

I am looking forward to my strength phase and becoming even stronger! I can recommend Cody to anyone (from beginner to advanced lifters) who wants to get stronger under the best scientific circumstances. He answers fast and frequently and always has some motivating words to any of my questions.

Edwin Reiter

After training in my garage for about 2 years and not being able to see the results I wanted, I decided to reach out to Cody Haun for online training and nutritional coaching. I was bit nervous at first and was not  really sure what to expect, since this was my first time training with a coach, but after my first week I knew I had  made the right decision. Cody was there guiding me in every step and answering every question I had while also providing valuable feedback.

My starting weight was around 150 lbs with body fat percentage around 15%. As soon as I started the first cut microcycle I started to see the weight come down. At the end of my cut I weigh 129 lbs with body fat percentage around 8-9%.

I learned a lot with Cody and the overall experience was great. I will be definitely training with Cody again, this time for mass. Thank you, Cody.

Edward Font

​Thank you so much Cody for all your hard work and dedication you put into my training program. I hit numbers I had not even dreamed of hitting. I learned a lot about myself as a lifter that I was not even aware I was capable of. We really honed in on some major weaknesses, and I was able to hit PRs in EVERY lift in the gym and at my first national meet. I did not push myself to the max at that meet out of fear and that will be something I will continue to work on. Nutrition was spot on and not only did I hit PRs, but I hit them at an all-time low bodyweight of 110 lbs. Thank you for believing in me as a lifter and giving me the best program possible. I truly look forward to working with you again in the near future. God bless, Heather.

Heather Faas

When I came back to Tennessee after my first professional season of baseball with the Washington Nationals, I weighed about 172 lb. I was running a 6.7-6.9 second 60-yard dash. I began personal training with Cody in Tennessee and that's when it all changed. He gave me great advice in terms of what I should eat to achieve my goal of putting on muscle mass and getting faster. In about 3 weeks, I gained close to 6 lbs. The workouts we were doing were great for athletes and it was tailored to my particular sport. At the the end of the training program, I had gained about 21 lb. weighing in at 193 in the span of about 5 months. Not only was I bigger, but my 60-yard sprint time dropped to 6.5-6.6. So not only did I put on size, I actually got faster. I've had other trainers before and, by far, this was the best and most productive workout program I've ever been put on.

Chris Riopedre, Middle Infielder, Washington Nationals Organization

At 54 years old and the prospect of taking care of two grandchildren under the age of 3, I came to Cody just wanting to be stronger and healthier. I didn't realize that I weighed 160 lb. and my body fat was 37 percent.  Having never been to a gym before, Cody made me feel very comfortable, and my daughter who came along for the ride signed up as well. Cody was very patient teaching us the right way to do things when I know we were a challenge. With Cody's nutritional guidance and training, my weight is now 126 and my body fat is 19 percent. My daughter had the same amazing results. We still work out four times a week doing predominantly back squats, deadlifts, and bench press because of the great training and encouragement we received from Cody.  Having dealt with celiac disease, fibromyalgia, and weight gain over the last 20 years, I never thought I could be this healthy and happy and running after two toddlers at the age of 55. Thank you Cody for giving me the tools to change my life for the better.

Cindy Richmond
Contact Coach Cody

What to Expect

  • Nutrition and/or training programming based upon your responses to the initial questionnaire.
  • Phone conversation with Cody to go over the initial framework so it makes sense and any pertinent questions can be posed. If a phone call isn't desired, communication through email or live chat will suffice.
  • Discuss expectations and make sure client understands templates. 

The training template includes (but isn't limited to):

  • Lifts to complete.
  • Number of sets and number of repetitions for each lift.
  • Intensity for each lift (i.e. how much weight to put on the bar, relative to your training state/microcycle emphasis).
  • A number of monitoring variables that you will go in and edit to ensure you're on track each day including: bodyweight, RPE score (how hard was the workout), weight used for each lift, etc.

The nutrition template includes (but isn't limited to):

  • A detailed breakdown of how many calories to eat in addition to grams of protein, fat and carbohydrates.
  • How to time macronutrients based upon when you train that day.
  • Food lists of suggested foods for each macronutrient to make up your calorie goal.
  • A meal by meal breakdown of how much of each macronutrient to eat and when based upon your training volume load, cardio programming (if any) and based upon when you train that day.
  • Suggested supplements and when to take them.
  • Tabs for monitoring variables that are pertinent to your success; namely: bodyweight and training PRs trackers.

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are check-ins?

I would prefer to receive daily scale weights from clients. I also ask that after each training session, they go in and edit the training template adding the following data:

  1. RPE score from session (ranking how hard the training session was).
  2. The weight used during each set for each exercise in order to calculate and monitor training volume load.
  3. Add their fasted A.M. body weight to the training template each day in the bodyweight tab.
  4. Enter in their actual calories and macros consumed into the training template each day by tracking on the MyFitnessPal app and then entering the calorie total and macronutrient totals into the training spreadsheet for monitoring purposes.

*SO, every day is ideal, but at least the above data entry process every other day.

How do clients communicate with you?

They will have my personal cell phone number and my personal email. I don't mind them having this and welcome regular communication to ensure they understand what is expected and can ask any questions, as needed.

What types of clients do you generally work with (athletes, gen. pop.)?

I have worked with clients ranging from professional athletes to grandparents in the past. I currently work with a variety of clientele and don't mind working with virtually any individual as long as they present the necessary commitment and willingness to begin. However, the majority of my most recent clients fall into the following categories: strength-power athlete programming (D1 & professional level), powerlifting programming clients, bodybuilding & physique clients, and fat loss clients (general population).

What's your planning process for clients?

I plan with long-term development in mind, typically using a phase-potentiated, block periodization model. Thus, each block is programmed to build upon the prior and seeks to bleed into the succeeding block. However, I don't mind expediting the process if a client simply wants to do just 1-2 months of fat loss training and dieting, for example. I prefer to create an annual plan (12 months) in direct correspondence to the client's ultimate long-term goal – whatever that may be – while paying special attention to short-term goals. I employ a comprehensive initial questionnaire before any official programming to make sure it is based entirely on what the client is wanting and prefer to maintain regular phone or email conversation to verify things are going according to plan. A weekly questionnaire is also sent to the client for monitoring purposes and to ensure they are satisfied with the direction we are heading and to give them the opportunity to offer any additional pertinent feedback.

Contact Coach Cody