Coach Aaron Thomas, MA, CSCS

Services include: Training programming, nutrition programming, training and nutrition programming package.

I’ve had a passion for fitness as long as I can remember. I’ve competed at high levels in multiple sports and have always wanted to find an edge. After much research and training, I’ve realized how pivotal of a role sports science can play in performance. I began to take a scientific approach with my nutrition and training and had great results. I then decided to earn my masters in sport performance to further my knowledge. Now, I enjoy using this knowledge of sport science and nutrition to positively affect others. I enjoy helping people reach their goals and giving them the knowledge that they need for long term success.

Coaching Experience

  • Division I strength and conditioning coach for 4 years, earning 4 conference championships.
  • Personal trainer and performance coach for a total of 7 years.
  • 3 years experience training clients online.
  • Worked with more than 250 NFL players, 50+ CFL players, hundreds of collegiate athletes (Baseball, Basketball, Football, Lacrosse, Soccer, Tennis, Volleyball).

Education and Certifications

  • Bachelors of Science, Exercise Science
  • Masters of Arts, Sports Performance and Coaching


Jennifer Millican

Weighed in a 120.2 yesterday. This has been my goal weight since I started this journey. Wanted to take a minute to brag on Aaron Thomas for writing my nutrition and training program. Dropping 14 pounds and not only maintaining but improving strength is not an easy task and we’ve managed to do both. No fancy tricks, drinks, or quick fixes, just methodical, steady, healthy loss and smart training. Working with Aaron has given me invaluable tools that will serve me well beyond my powerlifting career and that is the biggest win! Plus that whole being 32, having two children and abs isn’t so bad either.”

(Note: Jennifer went on to set a PR total of +30 pounds at a lower weight class (114) and took the #2 spot overall for her weight class with a 370 squat (wraps), 200 bench, and 375 deadlift for a 940 total.)

Jennifer Millican Powerlifter
Karen Delaney

Today is a happy day. I hit a milestone for me and repped 165×3. I failed this multiple times a few weeks ago and was beyond frustrated. My trainer kept telling me to trust the process so I tried to keep my mind in the right place. Thanks Aaron Thomas for sticking it out with me.”

(Note: Karen recently PRed with a 385lb squat, 185 paused bench, and 400 deadlift.)

Karen Delaney
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What to Expect

  • Nutrition and/or training programming based upon your responses to the initial questionnaire.
  • Conversation with Aaron to go over the initial framework so it makes sense and any pertinent questions can be posed.
  • Discuss expectations and make sure client understands templates. 

Training programming:

  • Tailored to the individual based on goals, training age, and training history.
  • Each training program also takes an individual's weaknesses (whether they be strength-based  or physique-based) into account.
  • Individual's daily schedule is take into account in order to determine how many times per week the client should train.

Nutrition programming:

  • Individualized based on clients' specific goals and training needs.
  • Each nutrition program is written in order to maximize performance and physique goals.
  • Client will be given a large list of food options as examples and a specific set of macros for each meal.
  • Meal plans are made to take into account the client's specific schedule (waking, working, training, and sleeping).

The nutrition and training combined programming is the best bang for your buck and allows full customization of diet and training to maximize progress. All information listed above for both training and nutrition programming also applies to combined programming. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How often are check-ins?

At least 3 days per week, and up to 7.

How do clients communicate with you?

Generally, communication with clients is done through email; however, communication can also occur over the phone if the client so chooses.

What types of clients do you generally work with (athletes, gen. pop.)?

Coach Aaron works with a wide array of clients; however, most clients are powerlifters, bodybuilder/physique competitors, and football players.

What's your planning process for clients?

The client plays a major role in the planning process. First, Coach Aaron will need information on specific goal, training age, recent training history, and how many days a week a client can lift.  Sometimes it is not feasible for someone to lift 6 days per week. Clients also wake up, train, and sleep at different times of the day, and their programming will reflect this. Any service will also include discussions on goal setting, both short and long term. This allows Coach Aaron to set up a periodized training plan to set them on the best path for solid results. Once the program is completed, Coach Aaron will send it out to the client and let the client look over the program and make sure it is satisfactory.

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