Maximize your strength gains with a versatile, customizable program.

Average to Savage 2.0 is a full 21-week macrocycle designed to adapt to your schedule, your preferences, and your rate of progress.

Success Stories

More than 6,000 other lifters got stronger using Average to Savage 1.0.
This 2.0 version improves on the original program, promising to be even better. 

I am 38 years old now, well past my physical peak but still I have been able to add 75 pounds to my squat, 60 pounds to my bench, and 70 pounds to my deadlift in my short time with the program, all while maintaining a caloric deficit and losing around 20 pounds of pure body fat.


I added 20-30 pounds to each of my lifts. This happened completing one 16-week cycle of “Average to Savage”. I enjoyed the flexibility built in to the program and the ability to get each session done in about an hour.


In 16 weeks I became stronger, bigger, and more powerful than in my previous decade of lifting. The “Average to Savage” program literally catapulted me into a different level of weight training that I thought was beyond my 50 years of age. 


Maximize strength without compromising flexibility

  • Loads are progressed based on your performance week-to-week. If you’re making progress quickly, the training loads will naturally increase quickly so that your progression isn’t artificially limited. If you’re a more experienced lifter who makes slower gains, this program won’t force you into a pre-set progression scheme that may be overly optimistic. In short, the program fits the training loads to your rate of gains, rather than shoehorning you into a fixed progression.
  • Options for training 2x, 3x, 4x, 5x, and 6x per week. Choose the number of training days that works for you and your schedule.
  • Choose what main lifts and accessory lifts to focus on. Squat, bench, deadlift, and overhead press are the defaults for your main lifts, but you can easily change them if you’d like. For your accessories, the default is 2 squat accessories, 2 bench accessories, 1 deadlift accessory, and 1 overhead press accessory. Choose whatever variations of the main lifts you like
  • 3 versions of the program to choose from, including a "reps to failure" version and "last set RIR" version. Everyone who purchases Average to Savage 2.0 gets access to all three versions of the program. All three versions autoregulate load progressions based on your performance; they just use different mechanisms to make those adjustments.
  • Easily editable and endlessly customizable. You can edit virtually any part of the program, or even change it all together. Use the program as a jumping-off point to tinker with your own training variables.

"Pay What You Want" Pricing

We're trying something different with this program.

This is a premium training program...

    • full 21-week macrocycle
    • smart autoregulation based on your week-to-week performance
    • beta-tested for more than a year

... that you can get for as little as $5.

Most people are out there hawking programs for $30-$100. We want this to be accessible to students, to people from countries with different currencies, and to people who don't normally purchase fitness products. You can get the product for as low as $5.
If you appreciate the work and have the means, though, we encourage you to pay more. Simply click and edit the price on the next page.
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