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Specificity: Conceptually Simple, but Deceptively Complex

Specificity is a given. All trainers learn the “SAID” principle and know that the body produces Specific Adaptations to Imposed Demands. So, if you want to get stronger, you lift heavy. Thus, in a simple, individual, closed-sport like powerlifting, it’s no surprise that highly specific training is commonly seen, and it undoubtedly works. However, in many cases specificity is misunderstood, misapplied, or overused.

The Comprehensive Core Training Guide

Your core muscles serve a pivotal function, and targeting these muscles can transfer to enhanced performance in a variety of lifts. Read this article to deepen your understanding of the core’s function for performance and get programming recommendations for targeting your core musculature.

Can You Drop (Set) Weight for Gains?

Drop sets are enjoyable, time efficient, and according to a new meta-analysis, lead to similar hypertrophy and strength gains as traditional sets. So, are drop sets all you need? This article tackles that question from every angle.

Is Regional Hypertrophy Predictable?

The idea that regional hypertrophy is normal and can be manipulated with exercise selection is now well established. However, the question remains, can we predict longitudinal regional hypertrophy outcomes with acute measures like EMG and muscle swelling?

Everything There is to Know About High-Load versus Low-Load Training

There has been a plethora of research comparing high- and low-load training over the past decade. This article breaks down everything you could want to know about those comparisons, while also tackling a new study that may have implications for long-term adherence with low-load training.

Optimizing Bulking Diets To Facilitate Hypertrophy

Weight loss is a common goal for people who wish to improve their health, compete in a physique sport, or make weight for a strength sport with weight classes. However, weight gain is an equally valid and important diet goal, and should be approached just as strategically. This article discusses how to construct an optimized bulking diet.

Can You Stay Shredded?

Getting and staying lean is often viewed as a holy grail, but few can actually maintain a shredded physique year round. Why is this? Are there inevitable physiological consequences that make it very difficult to stay really lean, or are people just doing it wrong?

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