Accountability, plus the journey of 1000 miles


Actually, it was the journey of 760 miles.  Back to school.  Combine 13 hours of being totally sedentary with the worst DOMS I’ve had since the newbie DOMS went away 2 years ago, and I was quite uncomfortable by the time I arrived.  However, 100 bodyweight squats later and my hips feel much looser.  DOMS still sucks.  At least it raises basal metabolic rate (fun fact of the day).

If you care about reaching your goals, make them public.  Research indicates that publicly stated goals are much more likely to be attained than privately-held goals.  My guess is that the driving force is social pressure.   Most people

1. Don’t like to disappoint people

2. Don’t like being ridiculed when they come up short

3. Like being able to tell the nay-sayers “told ya so.”

Travis and I recently had a conversation about how, in his experience, great athletes are the ones who aren’t afraid to tell other people what their goals are.  Keeping your goals private is the safe route.  Safe rarely equals success.  So, in the spirit of not being a hypocrite, here are my 18 month goals:

Squat 775

Bench 475

Deadlift 750

Total 2000

I fully expect to reach them prior to 18 months from now, but now you guys all know them, so PLEASE keep me accountable.  And also give me hell if I fall short.  I’d advise all of you to make your goals public as well, either in the comments, on your facebook wall, on any forums you post, with your training partners, etc.  Once you know that everyone around you knows what you’re shooting for, you’ll feel much more motivation to get there since social approbation is such a deeply-ingrained goal for most of us.  So do it, unless you’re scared, or really just don’t care about reaching your goals.

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